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p paragraph tag in html

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Definition of Paragraph tag:

  • Paragraph tag is used to display paragraph in the html document.
  • Browsers automatically add some blank space before and after a paragraph.
  • Paragraph tag is the block-level element.
  • <p> tag belongs to Flow content, phrasing content.
  • <p> tag supports Global Attributes and Event Attributes.

Syntax for <p> tag:

<p>This is My Paragraph </p>

Sample coding for <p> tag:

Tryit<!DOCTYPE html>
            Wikitechy paragraph tag 
        <h2>Wikitechy paragraph tag</h2> 
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Code Explanation for <p> tag:

Code Explanation for <p> tag

  1. <h2> tag is declare for the title of the paragraph content.
  2. First paragraph content is given within the <p> tag.
  3. Second paragraph content is mention within the <p> tag.

Output for <p> tag:

Output for <p> tag

  1. The output shows the heading of the Paragraph.
  2. Here the content of the paragraph is displayed in the output.

Browser Support for <p> tag:

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes