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  • The <th> tag is used to specify a header cells in the table.
  • There are the two kinds of cells in the table.
    • Header cells, which specifies the header information using <th> tag.
    • Standard cells, which specifies the data using <td> tag.
  • The <th> tag supports Global Attributes and Event Attributes.

Syntax for <th> tag:


Differences between HTML 4.01 and HTML 5 for <th> tag:

HTML 4.0.1

  • abbr, align, axis, bgcolor, char, charoff, colspan, headers, height, nowrap, rowspan, scope, sorted, valign, width attributes are supported.


  • All layout attributes are removed except colspan, headers, rowspan, scope and sorted.

Sample Coding for <th> tag:

Tryit<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
        <table border=1>

Code Explanation for <th> tag:

TableHeader <th> Tag Code Explanation

  1. <th> tag - is used to defined the content of the table’s header elements.
  2. Firstname is the data of the header table which is shown in dark letters.

Output for <th> tag:

TableHeader <th> Tag Output

  1. Here we can see the output Firstname and lastname defines the table header.

Attributes of <th> tag:

Attribute Value HTML 4 HTML5 Description
align left
Yes No Provides the alignment of the content.
valign top
Yes No Describes the alignment of the content in vertical.
char character Yes No Defines the content alignment relevant to a character.
charoff number Yes No Provides the number of characters.
width pixels
Yes No The width of a cell
scope col
Yes No To associate header cells and data cells in a table
abbr text Yes No Abbreviated version of the content in a cell
axis category_name Yes No Categorizes cells
bgcolor rgb(x,x,x)
Yes No The background color of a cell
headers header_id Yes Yes A cell is related to one or more header cells.
colspan number Yes Yes The number of columns a cell should span
height pixels
Yes No The height of a cell
nowrap nowrap Yes No The content inside a cell should not wrap
rowspan number Yes Yes The number of rows a cell should span
sorted reversed
reversed number
number reversed
Yes Yes The sort direction of a column

Browser Support for <th> tag:

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Tips and Notes

  • The colspan and rowspan attribute is used to let the content span over different columns or rows.

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