CNG Full Form | What is the Full Form of CNG

CNG Full Form - Compressed Natural Gas

 Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas

  • CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas.
  • It mainly comprises methane gas which can produce engine power after it's mixed with air and fed into an engine's combustion chamber. So, it is used as a substitute for Diesel, Petrol and Propane/LPG.
  • It's effective to control air pollution because it produces fewer undesirable gases in comparison to Diesel, Petrol and LPG. So it's more environment-friendly than other fuel products.
  • It's safer than its other substitutes within the case of the spill because it's lighter than air and disperses quickly when released.

Brief History of CNG

  • The use of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles was introduced within the late-1800s.
  • The first natural gas Vehicle was patented within the USA and soon after the Second war, Italy and various other European countries adopted CNG as a primary fuel.
  • CNG is found over oil deposits. It can also be collected from landfills and wastewater treatment plants.
  • It's made by compressing gas to but one percent of its standard atmospheric pressures.
  • It's stored and distributed in very hard spherical or cylindrical containers at the pressure of 20-25 mpa.


  • CNG is used in combustion engines which are modified or manufactured for CNG use. It's generally used in Buses altogether over the world.
  • In India, it's used in Buses also as in three-wheeler Autos.
  • Its use as a vehicle fuel was introduced late in the eighteenth century and the first gas Vehicle (NGV) was patented within the U.S.
  • After war II, it had been accepted as a main source of fuel by Italy and some other European countries.

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Properties of CNG

  • Colorless
  • Tasteless
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • 40% lighter than air
  • High ignition temperature

Advantages of CNG

  • It is cheaper than its other substitutes e.g. Petrol and Diesel which are used to run buses, cars and other automobiles.
  • The maintenance cost for the vehicles that run on CNG is low as compared to the vehicles run on Petrol and Diesel.
  • It is more environment-friendly because it emits less undesirable and harmful gases than other substitutes i.e. Diesel and Petrol.
  • It enhances the lifetime of lubricant oils because it doesn't contaminate and dilute the crankcase oil.
  • It provides a high auto-ignition temperature of 540 degree Celsius or more.

Disadvantages of CNG as Fuel

  • The cost of CNG is very high and about 30 to 35 thousand spent to put CNG in your car.
  • Driving on CNG heats the engine of the vehicle,
  • Applying CNG requires a lot of care for oil and air filters.
  • If you drive a vehicle on CNG, it’s recommended that you change your oil from time to time and also check the air cleaner.
  • Installing CNG in a new car expires its warranty period.

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