VISA Full Form | Full Form of VISA

VISA Full Form - Charta visa, Lit in Latin

 Charta Visa Lit in Latin

Charta Visa Lit in Latin

  • VISA means charta visa, lit in Latin which implies "document that has been seen".
  • It’s a document issued to someone or a stamp marked on the passport of someone who wants to go to other country.
  • It is the permission given by a country to someone to enter and stay in the country for a specified period of your time. Except from VISA, the approval of the immigration officials of the country at the entry point is additionally required to enter the country.

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Types of VISA

  • On the premise of purpose of your travel, VISA will be of various types. Some common kinds of VISA are listed below :
    • Tourist VISA :
      • It's required when someone wants to go to a country for tourism like recreation, sightseeing or to meet friends and relatives.
    • Student VISA :
      • It's required when a student wants to go to a country for educational activity.
    • Employment VISA :
      • It's required once you want to work in the country.
    • Business VISA :
      • It's required once you want to do business in the country.
    • Medical VISA :
      • It's required once you are seeking medical treatment in the reputed hospital of a country.
    • Emergency VISA :
      • It's needed when there's an emergency like death, accident or serious illness of parents, siblings and kids or any other emergency situation.
 Kinds of Visa

Kinds of Visa

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