CNC Full Form | What is the Full Form of CNC Machine

CNC Full Form - Computerized Numerical Control

  Computerized Numerical Control

Computerized Numerical Control

  • CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control.
  • It's a controlling system with digital electronic computers wont to control machines.
  • It controls, automates, and monitors the movements of a machine. It is a milling machine, router, welder, grinder, laser cutter etc.
  • These machines are automatic and replaced the old manual machines which always need an operator to run it.
  • It uses numbers because the coordinates of the graphs to control the movement of the cutter.
  • During this way, the computer controls the cutting and shaping of the material.
  • These machines are very useful, accurate and smart because these are control by a computer.
  • The probability of errors is negligible because these machines aren't manually operated.
  • For Example : If you provides a task to a drill machine operator to drill on a aluminum plate, the operator need to measure the points to be drill, has got to decide the speed then starts drilling. During this entire process, there are chances of the many types of error that give a poor output.
  • On the other hand, a CNC machine operates automatically for measurement also as for drilling.

CNC Machine

  Computerized Numerical Control System

Computerized Numerical Control System

  • CNC controlled machines generally come with several axes of movement and the movements can be rotary, linear or both.
  • Cutout machines like lasers usually come with two axes, X and Y. Milling machines generally come with a minimum of three axes, X, Y and Z.
  • Some milling machines have five axes, three linear axes and two rotary axes that allow the cutter to move during a 180º hemisphere.
  • A robot arm can have more than five axes.

Benefits of CNC machine

  • As it is fully automatic so no operator is required to continuously monitor it. Due to this reason, the overall performance is improved.
  • Increases productivity and product's finishing.
  • Perfectly meets the company's expectation on the idea of design.
  • Decreases operational costs as compared to manual labors.
  • Great time saver, easy to work and requires limited supervision
  • Can be updated by improving the software that controls the machine
  • Can be used continuously, 24 hours each day.

Advantages of CNC Machines

  • As no operator is needed to continuously monitor it, so overall performance of the work gets better.
  • Better productivity due to speed and performance
  • Increases the Efficiency of the work by many folds
  • Get 99.99% desired output as expected by the corporate
  • Low operational cost as compared to manual labors.

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