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UNO Full Form - United Nations Organization

  • UNO stands for United Nations Organization. It’s a world organization, which was established in 1945 after seeing the implications of war II.
  • After this war, 51 countries came forward with a standard goal to maintain international peace and security and agreed to sign a document, which was a charter to make a new organization by the name of the United Nations.
  • Its main objective was to develop friendly relations among nations and promote social progress, living standards, and human rights.
 United Nations Organization

United Nations Organization

  • UNO has six official languages, which include Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.
  • At the present, it comprises 193 Member States, and its principals and objectives are contained in its founding Charter.
  • The major focus of UNO is in the following areas:
    • International peace and security.
    • Humanitarian assistance to those in need.
    • Upholding law of nations, protecting human rights, and promoting democracy.
  • At present, the member states are working together to fight global climate change.
  • Furthermore, due to its international character and powers vested in its Charter, this organization can take action against the problems which are a threat to or may disturb the peace, development, and social growth.

Structure of UNO

 Six Main Bodies

Six Main Bodies

  • There are six main bodies of the United Nations Organisation:
    • The general Assembly
    • The Security Council
    • The Economic and Social Council
    • The Trusteeship Council
    • The International Court of Justice
    • The Secretariat
  • The General Assembly is the main representative organ of the UNO. All member states of the UNO are represented in the General Assembly, which makes it the only UNO body with universal representation.

The main committees of the UNO General Assembly include:

  • First Committee : Disarmament & International Security.
  • Second Committee : Economic & Financial matters.
  • Third Committee : Social, Humanitarian & Cultural matters.
  • Fourth Committee : Special Political & Decolonization.
  • Fifth Committee : Administrative & Budgetary matters.
  • Sixth Committee : Legal Matters.

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