ERNET Full Form | What is the Full Form of ERNET

ERNET Full Form - Education and Research Network

  • ERNET stands for Education and Research Network.
  • It's an autonomous scientific society under the executive control of Ministry of data Technology, Government of India.
  • It's headquartered in New Delhi.
  • As of September 2017, Dr. Neena Pahuja is that the Director General of ERNET.
 Full Form of ERNET

Full Form of ERNET


  • Its vision is to advance the Research and Education in India by developing advanced Networks, Applications and Services.


  • To provide the world class network infrastructure and connectivity to contribute to the expansion of India's Research and Education sector and help them become efficient in their chosen field.
  • To undertake research and development in Networking and its applications and develop the human resources in networking.


  • To provide a complicated and reliable state-of-the-art Network Services to academic and research institutions within the country.
  • To conduct research and development within the area of data Communications and its applications.
  • Development of human resources within the area of Networking through education, training etc.
  • Design and implement the ICT projects for target users.


  • It provides four kinds of services which are as follows:
    • Access Services
    • Application Services
    • Hosting Services
    • Operations Support Services
    • IT Consultancy and Project Management Services


Brief History

  • ERNET was started in 1986 by the Department of Electronics (DoE). It received funds from the govt of India and United Nations.
  • It began as a multi-protocol network with both TCP/IP and therefore the OSI-IP protocol socks. However, since 1995, most traffic is carried over TCP/IP.
  • UNDP has praised ERNET as one of the most successful programmes funded by it.
  • The science community of India has appreciated the contribution of ERNET to infrastructure services also as for R&D.
  • In 1998, it became an autonomous scientific society, ERNET India.

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