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Yup Full Form - Yes

  • Yup is another way to mention "yes." It's going to be used in person, when texting, or online as an affirmative answer to an issue.
  • Yup is simply one among many options that begin with "y" that's used for giving a positive answer. a number of the opposite options are yep, ya, yepperz, yesh, and yeap.


"You're getting to go tonight, right?
  • Yup is a generic term of agreement issued often by a non-listening party, typically used while performing a further important task, like watching TV.
  • If you're the yupper, by yupping someone, you're not bound in any sense by your agreement, since you didn't hear what it had been you were agreeing to.
  • If you're later asked to perform the task, you then have the choice to admit that you simply had yupped the person and ignore the task, or pretend that you simply had really listened & just go along side the yuppee.
  • If you're the yuppee, and you recognize that you simply are being yupped, you'll call the yupper's actions & state "you're yupping me" or "I'm being yupped", whereupon the yupper may admit the yupping action and feel mild embarrassment, but there'll be no permanent damage.

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