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DAD Full Form - Duplicate Address Detection

 Duplicate Address Detection

Duplicate Address Detection

  • Duplicate Address Detection is that the process described in RFC 2462 which verifies that ipv6 home addresses are unique on the local link before assigning them to an interface.
  • Duplicate address detection is performed on all ipv6 IPAQENET6 home addresses, whether or not they are manually configured or autogenerated, unless the INTERFACE statement specifies DUPADDRDET 0.
  • Duplicate address detection isn't done for LOOPBACK6 or VIRTUAL6 addresses.
  • The duplicate address detection process sends a multicast neighbor solicitation and waits a period of your time to ascertain if another neighbor indicates that the address is in use.
  • By default, just one neighbor solicitation is sent and therefore the length of your time waited is approximately one second.
  • If no neighbor responds therein interval, the address is considered unique and therefore the interface will start using it.
  • The number of neighbor solicitations sent by duplicate address detection are often modified by the DUPADDRDET keyword on the INTERFACE statement.
  • The duration of the wait interval (awaiting a response from a neighbor already using the address) are often modified by information obtained from routers on the attached network.
  • Duplicate address detection occurs when the interface is started…
  • "Prior to activation of the interface, manually configured addresses are shown within the Netstat HOME/-h report as unavailable with the reason DUPLICATE ADDRESS DETECTION PENDING.
  • While the duplicated address detection is actively in progress for an address, the Netstat HOME/-h report shows the address as unavailable with the rationale DUPLICATE ADDRESS DETECTION in progress.
  • If another neighbor indicates the address is in use during the duplicate address detection process, message EZZ9780I is issued and therefore the address isn't made available to the interface.
  • If the address that was found to be in use may be a manually configured address, the address appears within the Netstat HOME/-h report as unavailable with the reason DUPLICATE ADDRESS DETECTED."

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