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PHP Full Form - Hypertext Preprocessor (earlier called, Personal Home Page)

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 Hypertext Preprocessor

Hypertext Preprocessor

  • PHP is an HTML -embedded, server-side scripting language designed for web development.
  • It's also used as a general purpose programming language.
  • It had been created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and appeared within the market in 1995.
  • Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, C++ , and Java.
  • PHP codes are simply mixed with HTML codes and may be used in combination with various web frameworks. Its scripts are executed on the server.
  • PHP code is processed by a PHP interpreter.
  • The goal of PHP is to permit web developer to make dynamically generated pages quickly.
  • A PHP file consists of texts, HTML tags and scripts with a file extension of .php, .php3, or .phtml.
  • You'll create a login page, design a form, and create forums, dynamic and static websites and lots of more with PHP.

Key features of PHP

  • PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • PHP may be a server-side scripting language like ASP.
  • PHP supports various databases like mysql, postgresql, Informix etc.
  • PHP is open source software and it’s very easy to download and use.

Advantages of PHP

 Advantages of Php

Advantages of Php

  • Freed from Cost : PHP is open source and everyone its components are liberal to use and distribute.
  • Platform independent : PHP is platform independent and may be run on all major operating systems.
  • Compatible with most servers : PHP is compatible with most servers which we were using today.
  • Secure : PHP has multiple layers of security to stop threats and other malicious attacks.
  • Easy to learn : PHP features a very easy and understandable syntax.

Disadvantages of PHP

  • Since PHP is open-source so its code is visible to all or any programmers. If any bugs exist within the source-code then its weakness are often explored by other programmers.
  • It is not suitable for giant applications because its maintenance is difficult.
  • The error handling of a PHP framework isn't good.

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