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  • The full form of GB is “GIGABYTE“. It's a unit used for digital information. It's a multiple of byte.
  • The prefix GIGA means 109 within the international system of Units (SI).
  • Therefore, one gigabyte (GB) is one billion bytes. This unit is used in places of science, engineering, business, computing, hard ware devices, tape capacities, and data transmission speed.
  • One byte B consists of 8 bits and is like the unit of octet.
  • There are many other units like MB and KB which are used to define the limit of data. MB stands for Mega Bytes and KB stands for Kilo Bytes.

Two Categories of GB

Base 10 (Decimal)

  • Base 10 is on a percentage point where 1 GB = 1 000 000 000 bytes ( =10003B = 109B ). This idea, based on the power of 10, uses the GIGA-prefix as laid out in the SI units. Base 10 idea is used in systems administration settings and most storage media, particularly hard drives, flash storage devices, and DVD , and is additionally good with other computational uses of the SI prefix, for example, CPU clock speeds or output estimations.

BASE 2 (Binary)

  • Base 2 is on binary where 1 GB = 1 073 741 824 bytes. ( =10243B = 230B ) The binary description uses base 2 elements, as does the architectural principle of binary computers. Many OS, for example, Microsoft Windows, in reference to Computer Memory, RAM .

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