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IMEI Full Form - International Mobile Equipment Identity

 International Mobile Equipment Identity

International Mobile Equipment Identity

  • IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.
  • It refers to a code or number that identifies a selected mobile used over a mobile network.
  • Every mobile features a unique IMEI number consisting of 15 to 17 digit number.
  • Usually, it's printed at the back side of your mobile battery. You'll check your mobile IMEI number by dialing *#06#.
  • IMEI number shows the information about the serial number of device, model number, and origin. AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D/EE
    • AA : It shows reporting body identifier. It's a part of TAC (Type Allocation Code) and shows mobile model and brand.
    • BBBBBB : it's also a part of TAC (Type Allocation Code)
    • CCCCCC : Shows serial number
    • D : Luhn checksum
    • EE : Shows software version number
  • IMEI number is used in the case of mobile theft. Telecom operators have a database with the IMEIs number. When a mobile is lost, that handset IMEI number is marked invalid and mobile operators will restrict the use of any SIM card.
  • Although, a smart thief can install an unmark IMEI number on the stolen handset and may reuse it again which is against the law.
  • So, if your phone is lost or stolen, you'll provide your IMEI number to your mobile network provider and ask them to disable the phone.

How IMEI number is made ?

  • On the origin, model, and therefore the serial number of the device, the IMEI of 15 decimal digits or IMEISV of 16 digits comprises information.
  • The arrangement of the IMEI/SV is stated in 3GPP TS 23.003.
  • The initial 8-digit portion of the IMEI/SV is included within the model and origin, called the Type Allocation Code (TAC).
  • In the end, with a Luhn check digit, the rest of the IMEI is stated by the manufacturer.

Advantages of IMEI number

  • The most significant advantage of the IMEI number is that it aids in detecting the criminals.
  • IMEI numbers have played a crucial role in restricting the usage of a stolen device and as a consequence help in controlling the occurrences of theft.
  • The operator can rapidly send the message with IMEI number to the Central Equipment Identity Register, in countries just like the UK, which afterward moves it to all or any other network providers. On all the networks, devices are blacklisted within 48 hours.

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