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RSVP Full Form - Repondez s'il vous plait

 RSVP Full Form

RSVP Full Form

  • RSVP stands for French phrase "Repondez s'il vous plait" which suggests "please respond".
  • It's often written at the end of the invitation card or sent as a RSVP card along side a call for invitation card that an individual sends to ask guests to attend the event like wedding ceremony, birthday celebration or the other event.
 RSVP Response

RSVP Response

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Purpose of RSVP

  • The host organizing the event wants to understand whether you'll attend the event or not.
  • In simple words, he wants the confirmation to his invitation during a polite way.
  • It helps host to guess expected number of guests attending the party.
  • Host can better plan the food, drink and other arrangements for the guests.
  • It is also a courtesy of responding to someone who is good enough to ask you.
  • So, if you see RSVP on a call for participation card, call your host and confirm him whether you'll be coming or to not attend the event.

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