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TTYL Full Form - Talk to You Later

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 Talk To You Later

Talk To You Later

  • TTYL stands for Talk To You Later. It’s an internet slang which is most commonly used in online chatting, and messaging.
  • This term is extremely popular among youngsters while chatting on social media like facebook , twitter , whatsapp etc. This is a just another way to say "bye for now" during chatting or discussion over internet.


  • Like all other internet slangs, TTYL is also an informal word so it shouldn't be used in business dealing and formal conversations.
  • It used in personal chatting and emails with a friend. Mostly, it's used whenever one wants to complete a chat or discussion to catch up later.

Now a day, it's very popular and it's become a typical part of text messages, online chats and emails.

Scene: Two friends are chatting on facebook.
Friend 1: Hi buddy... what is going on on ?
Friend 2: Everything is ok. What about you ?
Friend 1: i'm also good.
Chat goes on ?
After sometime,
Friend 1: OK friend! I have to go TTYL.

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