FYI Full Form | What is the Full Form of FYI

FYI Full Form - For Your Information

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  • FYI is an abbreviation of For Your Information
  • It's a standard internet slang used lately on online chatting.
  • It's also used while sharing information with colleagues or friends through email or printed paper.
  • Specifies a situation in which one person wants to give information to other person.
  • The information provided using ? FYI ? doesn't invite an immediate action, it's additional information to supplement the most message or information.


erson: Hi  
Online retailer: Hello sir, how can I help you?  
Person: Can you please send me the printout of products catalog?  
Online retailer: Sorry sir. FYI, we are out of paper.  
  • FYI is used informal and business spoken conversation like e-mail, instant messaging or memo messages etc.
  • The use of FYI in conversation is taken into informal.
  • If it's not used properly, it seems disrespectful and arrogant. So, it's advised to avoid FYI in conversation.

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