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ISP Full Form - Internet Service Provider

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 Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

  • ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.
  • It's a company that gives access to the internet and similar services like Website designing and virtual hosting.
  • For example, once you connect with the internet, the connection between your Internet-enabled device and therefore the internet is executed through a particular transmission technology that involves the transfer of information packets through an online Protocol route.
  • Data is transmitted through different technologies, including cable modem, dial-up, DSL, high speed interconnects.
  • Accordingly, Based on the method of data transmission, the internet access provided by ISPs are often divided into many types, a number of which are as follows:
    • Dial-up Internet access
    • DSL
    • Wireless Broadband (WIBB)
    • Wi-Fi Internet
    • ISDN
    • Ethernet
 Dial up Internet Access

Dial up Internet Access

Dial-up Internet access

  • It's the oldest technology to provide Internet access by modem to modem connection using telephone lines.
  • During this method, the user's computer is connected to a modem with a telephone line.
  • This method has become outdated today due to slow connection speed.
  • However, in remote areas, this method is often used where the broadband network isn't available.


  • DSL, which stands for 'Digital Subscriber Line' is an advanced version of the dial-up Internet access method.
  • It uses high frequency to execute a connection over the telephone network and allows the internet and therefore the phone connection to run on an equivalent telephone line.
  • This method offers an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber (ADSL), where the upload speed is a smaller amount than the download speed, and a Symmetric Digital subscriber line (SDSL), which offers equal upload and download speeds.
  • Out of those two, ADSL is more popular among users and is popularly called DSL.

Wireless Broadband (WIBB)

  • It's a contemporary broadband technology for Internet access. It allows high-speed wireless internet within a large area.
  • To use this technology, you're required to put a dish on the highest of your house and point it to the transmitter of your Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).

Wi-Fi Internet

  • It's the short form for "wireless fidelity," which is a wireless networking technology that gives wireless high-speed Internet connections using radio waves.
  • To use the web, you're required to be within the range of WI-FI network.
  • It's commonly used in public places like hotels, airports, restaurants to provide internet access to customers.


  • It's a short kind of Integrated Services Digital Network.
  • It's a telephone system network which integrates a high-quality digital transmission of voice and data over an equivalent standard phone line.
  • It offers a quick upstream and downstream Internet connection speed and allows both voice calls and data transfer.


  • It's a wired LAN (Local Area Network) where computers are connected within a primary physical space.
  • It enables devices to communicate with one another via a protocol (a set of rules or common network language). It's going to provide different speeds like 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 10 Gbps.

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