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BMS Full Form - Bachelor of Management Studies

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 Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Management Studies

  • BMS stands for Bachelor of Management Studies. It refers to an undergraduate course in management.
  • The course is offered by most universities and renowned business schools around the world.
  • It is usually a 3 year management course. The three years are divided into six semesters which covers all important management subjects like marketing, finance, human resource, etc.
  • The course gives emphasis on imparting entrepreneurial skills within the students in order that skilled management professionals might be produced.
  • Intermediate level students with specialization in Arts, Science or Commerce are eligible for the course.

Some of the advantages of BMS

  • The course teaches different behavioral aspects of an organization.
  • The course imparts adequate leadership qualities to enable the students add a team or lead a team.
  • It helps improve presentation skills, decision making skills and problem solving skills.

Admission procedure

  • You can get admission in BMS course if you've got successfully cleared the intermediate level exams. Some institutes conduct entrance exams to shortlist the candidates for his or her BMS course. The application forms for entrance test are available at the web site of the institutes or universities.

Career Prospects

 Career Prospects

Career Prospects

  • There are various junior level managerial positions for the BMS graduates within the marketing , HR , and Finance departments of companies. Some popular job profiles after completing this course are given below:
    • HR Executive
    • Operations Executive
    • Marketing Executive
    • Sales Executive
    • Business Consultant
    • Business Development Executive

Popular BMS Colleges in India

    BMS Full Form - Business Management System

     Business Management System

    Business Management System

    • BMS stands for Business Management System. It refers to a set of tools used for strategic business planning and implementation.
    • It enables the organization and therefore the employees to access data and information related to different business processes like sales, marketing, finance , customer service, etc. Thus, it's a communication platform for all organizational knowledge that helps a corporation to plan better strategies and implement them successfully.
    • It also helps make the right decisions regarding day to day business activities and processes for the purpose of making profits and satisfying customers.

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