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ACS Full Form in Medial | Full Form of ACS in Medical

ACS Full Form - American Chemical Society

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 American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society

  • ACS stands for American Chemical Society. It's the world's largest scientific society and a number one source of reliable scientific information.
  • It's at the forefront of the evolving worldwide chemistry enterprise and a professional home for chemists and related professionals across the world.
  • It's based within the US and its president is Allison A. Campbell.


  • ACS may be a dynamic and visionary organization which aims to enhance people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry.
  • Its mission is to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of people and Earth.

What ACS Do

  • Publishes scientific journals and databases
  • Convenes major research conferences
  • Provides educational and career programs in chemistry
  • Provides grants for research in petroleum and related fields
  • Educates the general public policy makers and general public about the importance of chemistry
  • Sponsors variety of international activities like joint conferences with chemical societies
  • In the US, it's 185 local sections which permit members to:
    • Connect with chemists and related professionals in their geographical area
    • Enhance their professional development by participating in programs in their city or town
    • Improve the general public understanding of chemistry in their communities
  • At the national level, the Society allows members to participate in 33 specialty divisions like food and agriculture, industrial and engineering chemistry etc. These divisions help members to:
    • Become aware of latest developments in their areas of experience.
    • Monitor growth in similar fields and network with colleagues.
    • Contribute to the growth and recognition of their scientific discipline.
  • Globally, it represents more than 140 countries and its international membership exceeds 24,000. Around 60% articles published in ACS journals and around 50% of the material covered within the Society. Chemical Abstracts Service originates outside the US .

Other Initiatives

  • Project SEED :
    • It's an education program of ACS which offers brilliant but economically disadvantaged high school students a chance to expand their education and career outlook.
  • ACS Scholars Program :
    • It's a scholarship program which provides scholarships and support to minority students who want to earn a degree in chemistry or related fields.
  • Advancing Chemistry Teaching :
    • This program is meant for the professional development of science teachers. It helps teacher present chemistry within the classroom during a better way.
  • Green Chemistry Education and Outreach :
    • It's an initiate of ACS to implement the green chemistry and engineering principles into all aspects of the chemical enterprise.

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