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ZCR Full Form - Zero Crossing Rate

 Zero Crossing Rate

Zero Crossing Rate

  • The zero-crossing rate is that the rate of sign-changes along a sign , i.e., the speed at which the signal changes from positive to zero to negative or from negative to zero to positive.
  • This feature has been used heavily in both speech recognition and music information retrieval, being a key feature to classify percussive sounds.
  • In some cases only the "positive-going" or "negative-going" crossings are counted, instead of all the crossings - since, logically, between a pair of adjacent positive zero-crossings there must be one and just one negative zero-crossing.
  • For monophonic tonal signals, the zero-crossing rate is used as a primitive pitch detection algorithm.


  • Zero crossing rates are used for Voice Activity Detection (VAD), i.e., finding whether human speech is present in an audio segment or not.

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