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IEEE Full Form - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  • It's the most important technical association dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the advantage of humanity.
  • It's designed to create industry standards, serve professionals involved in every aspect of electrical, electronic and computing field.
  • It also organizes conferences and provides a platform for publications.
  • IEEE has around 1,000 employees to support its activities. The Management council comprises the chief Director and senior executives. It manages the IEEE staff operations.
  • As of January 2017, Karen Bartleson is that the President and CEO of IEEE.

IEEE focuses in following Areas

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology
 IEEE Focusing Areas

IEEE Focusing Areas


  • IEEE was founded in 1963 by the merger of the 2 institutes, first is Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) and second is American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE).
  • Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) was founded in 1912 and AIEE is founded in 1884.
  • In the beginning, it had 1,50,000 members, 140,000 of whom were from the United States. By 2010, it had over 395000 members in 160 countries.


  • IEEE is headquartered in New York in United States of America.

IEEE Standards

 IEEE Standards

IEEE Standards

  • 802 - LAN/MAN
  • 802.1 - Media access control ( MAC )
  • 802.2 - Logical Link Control (LLC)
  • 802.3 - Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/ CD ).
  • 802.11 - Wireless Networking " wifi "

Growth and Globalization

  • Technologies under IEEE are continuously spread across the world and reach more and more area of individual’s lives.
  • According to records, by the first 21st century, IEEE served its members and their interests with 38 Societies; 130 journals, transactions and magazines; more than 300 conferences annually; and 900 active standards.

Key points

  • IEEE is pronounced as Eye Triple E.
  • It is a non-profit professional association.
  • It works for the good thing about Humanity.
  • It is best known for developing standards for computer and electronic industry.

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