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NRI Full Form - Non-Resident Indian

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 Non-Resident Indian

Non-Resident Indian

  • A NRI (Non-Resident Indian) is a one that is an Indian citizen but has migrated to a different country.
  • Reasons behind his migration could also be work, education, residence or the other purpose.
  • NRI is additionally termed as overseas Indian or expatriate Indian. NRI holds Indian passport and temporary migrated.
  • The Indian staff of U.N.O. and officials deputed abroad by Central or state government are treated as Non-Resident Indian.
  • NRI also represents the persons who are an Indian origin but born outside India.
  • According to the ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, India has the second largest NRIs in all over the world after China.

Categories of NRIs

  • These are the three main categories of NRIs :
    • Indian citizens who stay abroad for education, employment, to hold a business, or for vacation.
    • Indian citizens who work abroad in foreign Government agencies like IMF (International Monetary Fund), UNO (United Nations Organizations), World Bank etc.
    • Officials of Central or government and Public Sector undertaking working abroad.


  • These are some common reasons for becoming an NRI :
    • Higher education outside India
    • Job and Employment
    • Tour, Travel and Vacation
    • Medical Reasons
    • Went for training
    • For business purpose

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