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APK Full Form - Android Application Package

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File Extension: .APK

 Android Application Package

Android Application Package

  • An APK file is that the file format used to install the applications on android OS.
  • A program in android is first compiled, then all of its parts are packaged into one file to form it an APK file.
  • APK files are often saved in compressed zip format, with any decompression or unzip tool it are often opened.
  • You'll either change the extension to .zip or open the file directly using unzip tools. They're a kind of archive file.
  • Once you are downloading and installing an android application then actually you're installing an APK file.
  • You'll install an APK file directly from a desktop, or from within a file manager app without downloading.
  • By default, ability to install from desktop, or file manager app is disabled for security reasons.
  • TO enable it, you've got to vary the setting of 'Unknown sources' from settings.

Uses of APK

  • The Substantial use of APK is getting access to apps before time. By installing the APK helps you in not waiting for the update releases by the appliance.
  • When any significant Google app releases its significant update, for the user's device to perceive it, it can take every week or quite that.
  • APKs Installation also lets users install apps on their devices that aren't to be obtained from Google Play.

APK Advantages

  • Unlike the Apple App Store, Google Play store features a very unique and easy app submission and agreement procedure with no inflexible schemes.
  • The Specialist of Android app development can obtain and make the most of the Amazon app store too.
  • You can access the newest and exhilarating specifications of the app by downloading APK files in advance.
  • You can download those apps which are restricted in your area and haven't any access.

APK Disadvantages

  • The downloaded APK file could be a stolen app file.
  • Few APK services permit a user to download and install pirated apps.
  • Some APK files may carry malicious app or software which will run a user's device.
  • The APK files are often getting changed, reconstructed and transformed by hackers and that they can simply steal information and data from a user's device just by including additional app permission.

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