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CMO Full Form - Chief Medical Officer

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  Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer

  • CMO stands for Chief Medical Officer.
  • CMO is the senior government officer who is the head of the medical department of a government hospital.
  • He's a senior physician who leads and guides the team of medical experts and looks into the matters of public health.
  • He's answerable for the development, coordination and review of health care services provided to the general public through government hospitals of his area.
  • CMO supervises the everyday operations associated with patient care, hospital management and administration, etc.
  • He can conduct a surprise inspection of hospitals and dispensaries. He is a link between physicians and other hospital staff.
  • He also manages the training programs, vacant posts and the budget of the hospital.
  • A CMO ranks highest within the hierarchy of medical officers. There are different terms for the designation of CMO in several countries.
  • In US, it's called Surgeon General, and in Canada, it's called Chief Public Health Officer.


  • As an executive position, the chief medical officer would require the following traits for a good job performance:
 Characteristics of Chief Medical of Ficer

Characteristics of Chief Medical of Ficer

  • Good leadership: You'll be guiding an entire healthcare team, so your ability to implement valid plans of action in a clear and inspirational manner may be a necessity.
  • Management abilities: Beyond leading the staff, you'll also need you will also get to attend to the fiscal and operational workings of the power. This will include ensuring that certifications and licensing are up to date and that funds are used in a resourceful manner.
  • Organization and multi-tasking : You'll need to be extremely focused and on ,point with your actions and delegations. As you'll be managing personnel, budget, and outreach concerns, you want to be able to keep track of goal achievement also as the activities of different healthcare teams
  • Communication: You'll not only be required to convey information clearly to your staff, but also to the general public and to local government agencies. This can include written reports additionally as verbally communicated lessons. Your interpersonal skills will be highly important.
  • Goal oriented visioning: Part of the position of chief medical officer is to plan new programs for healthcare interventions and to implement them. This may require you to strategies goals and milestones within the plan and to set the expectations of the staff.

Nature of the Work

  • A chief medical officer works within a clinical setting and performs both administrative and operative duties.
  • While the majority of the work involves developing and implementing cost effective strategies for health care delivery, you also need to have a competent knowledge of treatments and medical interventions.
  • A part of your job would include observing and training staff members to ensure optimal patient satisfaction.
  • Chief medical officers can add nearly any health facility. This could range from VA hospitals to public urgent care facilities or government sponsored long-term care homes.
  • The demand for guidance and leadership in these settings is influenced by the focus on providing access to quality healthcare to the community.
  • This career path also will include a presence at municipal board meetings so as to further healthcare strategies on a legislative front.

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