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  • FORTRAN is that the first high level programing language developed by John Backus in 1957.
  • It had been basically designed to write down programs for high-performance computing and is especially fitted to numeric computing scientific computing and scientific applications that involve extensive mathematical computations.
  • The most motive behind its designing was to translate math formulas into code.


  • Before the invention of FORTRAN, programmers used assembly/machine code to develop a program which was excessively difficult and time consuming.
  • This led to the invention of FORTRAN which was simple to find out, machine independent, makes mathematical calculations easy, and is suitable for all sort of applications.
  • Since it had been so easier to code, programmers were ready to write their programs 500% faster in FORTRAN than the earlier ones.
  • FORTRAN IV and FORTRAN 77 are the common versions of FORTRAN.
  • FORTRAN IV became a USASI standard in 1966 and FORTRAN 77 was approved by ANSI in 1978.
  • Within the early 1990s, a new ISO and ANSI standard for FORTRAN, called FORTRAN 90 was developed.

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  • Some of the key features of this language are as follows :
    • Simple language : Easy to find out and understand.
    • Machine independent : A program are often transported from one machine to a different machine.
    • Expresses complex mathematical functions: It offers various natural ways to precise complex mathematical functions.
    • Efficient execution : Only around 20% decrease in efficiency as compared to or machine language.
    • Storage allocation : It allows programmers to regulate the allocation of storage.
    • Freedom in code layout : The programmers don't have to layout code in rigidly defined columns unlike assembly or machine language.


  • FORTRAN 66
  • FORTRAN 77
  • FORTRAN 90
  • FORTRAN 95
  • FORTRAN 2003
  • FORTRAN 2008
  • FORTRAN 2015


  • Number Crunching : Easy to solve algebraic problems.
  • Numeric Computing
  • Scientific Computing


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