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XAML Full Form - Extensible Application Markup Language

 Extensible Application Markup Language

Extensible Application Markup Language

  • The full form of XAML is that the Extensible Application markup language. XAML, which is used in XAMARIN.
  • Forms for building user interfaces. XAML is a simple, XML-based, declarative markup language. XAML may be a specific instance-sensitive & strongly typed markup language that distinguishes business logic from representation.
  • The XAML elements describe the CLR objects in XML. XAML is used in hierarchical relations to create, initialize, & configure an object’s properties. XAML is used predominantly in Silver light, WPF, Windows Phone & XAMARIN Type to create the interface.

Benefits of XAML

  • XAML files are modified to a Binary Application markup language (BAML) which will be integrated into the final DLL/exe as a resource. The essential benefits of XAML are listed below.
    • It is XML syntax-based.
    • The XAML code is easier and smaller.
    • As a comparison with code, XAML code is simple to write down and simply understood.
    • Comparison with code, constructing the user interface is easier with XAML.
    • A clear separation between UI (XAML) and UI logic(C#) is given by XAML.
    • The role of designer and & developer is distinguished from XAML.
    • Initially, it's easy to put out the UI in XAML to the best advantage.
    • If XAML is getting used to layout the control measures of the visual tree on the document, then programs are built easily and become very obvious.
    • In XAML, the code is simpler to read.
    • For ex, the XAML syntax smoother than the C# syntax whenever the control is information-bound to a property within the view model.

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