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LOVE Full Form | What is the full form of Love



  • Love isn't an acronym so it does not have any full form.
  • Love is one of the most intense emotions that we experience as humans.
  • It’s a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection to pleasure.
  • Love is often defined as an intense feeling of affection with no limits or conditions for a person.
  • The ancient Greeks have defined the different states of love using seven words :
    • Storage : Natural Affection
    • Eros : Sexual or Erotica
    • Ludus : Flirting
    • Philia : Friendship
    • Agape : Unconditional or Divine Love
    • Philautia : Self Love
    • Pragma : Committed, Married Love
 Different States of Love

Different States of Love

Love doesn't have any full form but people create their own different full forms. Some of them are given below:


  • L : Life's
  • O : Only
  • V : Valuable
  • E : Emotion


  • L : Long Lasting
  • O : Original
  • V : Valuable
  • E : Emotion


  • L : Lack
  • O : Of
  • V : Valuable
  • E : Education


  • L : Land of Sorrow
  • O : Ocean of Tears
  • V : Valley of Death
  • E : End of Life


  • L : Loss
  • O : Of
  • V : Valuable
  • E : Energy


  • L : Life
  • O : Of
  • V : Very
  • E : Emotional person

Love has different definitions for different people in different situations. For example: For a mother, it's different and for a wife and children, it's different. So, love is a different perspective for different entities.


For a person: I love my parents.
For a food: I love butter chicken.
For a device: I love my smart phones
For nature: I love mountains.
For technology: I love sci-fi movies.

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