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PUC Full Form | Full Form of PUC

i) PUC Full Form - Pollution Under Control

  • It refers to a document which is mandatory for all on-road vehicles like two-wheelers, four-wheelers and other commercial vehicles.
  • This document or certificate is issued after thoroughly checking a vehicle on standard parameters.
  • The emissions test is conducted for petrol vehicles and free acceleration smoke test is conducted for diesel vehicles.
 Pollution under control

Pollution under control

  • The PUC certificate is valuable for six months.
  • The certificate is issued by the transport department of a state.
  • If the vehicle owner isn't carrying the PUC certificate while driving then he or she could also be punished under Section 190(2) of the automobiles Act.

ii) PUC Full Form - Pre University Course

  • It refers to an intermediate course which is popularly called +2 or 10+2. Its duration is of two years.
  • The course is obtainable by private and public schools which are affiliated to Central Board of secondary education ( CBSE ) or respective state education boards.
 Pre University Course

Pre University Course

  • The high-class or 10th class students who have successfully cleared their final exams are eligible for PUC.
  • They will choose one field of study out of Arts, Commerce and Science in this course.
  • After successfully completing the PUC one can take admission in a college or university for an appropriate undergraduate course.

iii) PUC Full Form - Personal Unlock Code

  • It is a security feature of mobile phones which helps to protect SIM card . It's also called PUK (Personal Unlocking key).
  • It's needed once you enter an incorrect SIM card pin code for 3 or more than 3 times and your SIM card gets blocked.
  • After unlocking your SIM card you'll set a new SIM card pin code.
 Personal Unlock Code

Personal Unlock Code

  • PUC is provided for GSM SIM cards.
  • The code usually consists of 4 to eight digits.

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