CSIR Full Form | Full Form of CSIR

CSIR Full Form - Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

 Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

  • CSIR stands for Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.
  • It's an up to date R&D organization established by the government. Of India in September 1942 as an autonomous body.
  • It has a huge network of 39 outreach centers, 38 national laboratories, 3 Innovation Complexes, and five units.
  • CSIR's has around 5000 active scientists and about 8000 scientific and technical personnel to support the active scientists.
  • CSIR emphasizes a good range of science and technology like radio and space physics, geophysics, chemicals, drugs, genomics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, aeronautics, instrumentation, environmental engineering and knowledge technology and more.
  • It provides technical assistance in many fields associated with societal efforts, which include health, drinking water, food, housing, energy, farm, and non-farm sectors.
  • As of August 2019 , Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi is that the president of CSIR, and Dr. Harsh Vardhan is that the vice chairman of CSIR. Dr. Shekhar C. Mande is that the Director-General and Secretary of DSIR.


  • Pursue science which strives for global impact and technology which enables innovation-driven industry and cultivates trans-disciplinary leadership thereby catalyzing inclusive economic development for the people of India

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  • To build a new CSIR for a contemporary India.
  • The nation and people's interest in science, technology, and societal pursuits is that the foundation of CSIR's mission.
  • The rising dreams and aspirations of the state over the years inspire the CSIR for:
    • Leadership within the field of Science and Engineering.
    • To provide innovative technology solutions.
    • Open innovation and crown sourcing.
    • Encouraging talent in trans-disciplinary areas.
    • Science-based entrepreneurship.
    • Socio-economic development and transformation through science and technology.

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