RAC Full Form | Full Form of RAC

RAC Full Form - Reservation Against Cancellation

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 Reservation Against Cancellation

Reservation Against Cancellation

  • RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. It's a kind of ticket that's sold by the Indian railways for visit those passengers whose tickets aren't confirmed.
  • It ensures certainty of travel but doesn't guarantee a separate berth, i.e., a berth is split into two seats for 2 RAC ticket holders.
  • Technology has made booking a ticket very easy. You'll easily book a ticket using your mobile phones within a few minutes. However, there are various codes used by the railway department to display the booking status.
  • If seats are available, a ticket are going to be confirmed, and if not available, the ticket will fall within the category of waiting list.
  • In certain circumstances, a ticket from waiting list may convert into a RAC ticket, which means you'll not get one seat, but you'll get a seat on sharing basis, i.e., two passengers holding a RAC ticket need to share a seat between them. So we will say that RAC seat may be a half seat.
  • A RAC ticket holder can get an empty or separate berth under certain circumstances such as:
    • If there's any last-minute cancellation.
    • If any quota remains unsold.
    • If any confirmed ticket holder gets a free upgrade as per seat availability within the upper class, his or her seat are often offered to a RAC ticket holder.

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