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NOTA Full Form - None of the Above

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None of the Above

  • NOTA stand for "None of the above".
  • It's also called "against all" or a "scratch vote".
  • It's a right given to voters that enable them to not vote for any of the candidates contesting the election if they feel that none of them may be a deserving candidate.
  • It's how to express the dissatisfaction of not having one candidate worth to vote for or to point out that the voter doesn't believe in any of the contesting candidates.
  • So, it's a right of voters to reject all the candidates of a specific constituency if they feel that there's not even a single deserving candidate in their constituency. However, it doesn't make any significant difference within the outcome of the election results.
  • The supreme court of India on 27 September 2013 ruled that there should be an option as a right to register a “none of the above” chooses elections.
  • He ordered the ECI to provide a button for the same within the electronic voting machines (EVMs).
  • Later, after a couple of months, to empower such voters the committee of India (ECI) introduced a button for NOTA option in December 2013 in electronic voting machines.
  • This feature appears within the Electronic voting machine (EVM) at the top of the list of candidates.
  • When voting was done using ballot papers, the voter, who want to use NOTA, had the selection to place the ballot paper within the box without marking against any of the candidates and the vote was counted as NOTA.
  • The NOTA was first used in India in 2013 within the Assembly elections held in Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan and therefore the Union Territory, Delhi.
  • Over 15 lakh voters used this feature in these polls. NOTA aren’t only used in India.
  • There are many countries where it's practiced within the elections like Brazil, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Colombia, Finland, Spain, Sweden, France, Belgium, Greece, and more.

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