SATA Full Form | Full Form of SATA

SATA Full Form - Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

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 Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

  • Full Form of SATA is an interface used to connect mass memory device to the motherboard of a computer.
  • It also Controls and transform the data from mass storage i.e; a hard-disk. The primary version SATA 1.0 was released on August. SATA is an Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE).
  • It is a replacement of PATA and is much better in use. Gradually PATA is disappearing as SATA gives a lot of advantage over PATA.


 Sata vs Pata

Sata vs Pata

  • SATA uses one bus to hold data unlike PATA which uses separate wires to hold data. SATA also offers higher speed then PATA and is more compatible to use.
  • It also consumes less power as compared to PATA and as a result produces less heat. SATA wire can extend upto 1meter while PATA can extend to 40cm only.
  • One major physical difference is that SATA has two connectors, one for power and other to attach the data. Whereas, PATA uses a large connector with a lot of pin for data and four pin to attach power.

Usage of SATA

  • To attach hard drive to Motherboard.
  • To attach hard drive to hard drive.
  • ATA and ATAPI Devices.
  • ExternalSATA (eSATA)

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