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CHC Full Form - Community Health Centers

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 Community Health Centers

Community Health Centers

  • The full form of CHC is that the Community Health Centers.
  • CHCs are private, non-profit organizations that provide medical services counting on the involvement and impact of consumers.
  • CHCs usually offer people within the medically uninsured, underinsured & lesser income groups with primary and preventive care.
  • Community Health Centers also offers fundamental health facilities for those within the region where there's little availability to primary health care.
  • Primary healthcare centers are commonly mentioned as policlinics in central and Eastern Europe.

Important information about CHC

  • CHC is assisted by a network of general medical practitioners & nurses who provide residents during a specific region with medical services.
  • Family practice and dental care are traditional services provided by CHCs; however, some hospitals have significantly expanded and also include pediatric, general medicine, female’s care, pharmacy, birth control, optometry, laboratory analysis, and far more.
  • CHCs’ purpose varies in many respects from other health care clinics.
  • CHCs offer resources that are available and integrated and inclusive with another group programs for his or her targeted group of people.
  • Public Health Centers are liable for the groups they represent and only community members are active in program development and proper management.

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