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EVM Full Form - Electronic Voting Machine

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 Electronic Voting Machine

Electronic Voting Machine

  • The full form of EVM is an Electronic voting machine. EVM is an electronic device used to record votes. It's an instrument used for implementing electronic voting in Indian State and General Elections.

Structure of EVM

 Two Parts of EVM

Two Parts of EVM

  • An Electronic voting system is formed from two parts, and a five-meter cord connects the 2 parts.
    • Control unit - Which is inside the polling or leader
    • Ballot unit - Which is inside the voting compartment
  • Rather than releasing a ballot paper, the Control Unit’s polling officer responsible will issue a ballot by clicking the Control Unit’s Ballot button. It'll require the voter to mark his support by clicking the blue button against the applicant and therefore the icon of his preference on the balloting device.

History of EVM

  • M. B. Haneefa created the primary voting machine in India in 1980.
  • EVM machine’s initial version was showed the general public at various Government Exhibitions organized in six different cities throughout Tamil Nadu .
  • In 1982 EVM was first used for a limited number of voting booths within the election of Paravur constituency in Kerala.
  • In 1989 EVM was approved by Election Commission of India in partnership with Electronics Corporation of India Limited.

Advantages of EVM

  • EVM reduces the chance of doubtful or invalid votes.
  • EVM provides a faster way than the conventional method of calculating votes. It preserves the trouble and money of the election staff.
  • It is an ecofriendly approach because it doesn't involve the use of paper that helps save trees.
  • EVM may be a cost-effective method because just one ballot paper or document is required in each voting place, and therefore the transportation costs of EVM also are less than the traditional ballot boxes.
  • It are often carried or moved from one location to the next with none difficulty.
  • In less time, more people will be able to cast votes.
  • The data are often stored to future reference for a prolonged period.

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