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OMR Full Form - Optical Mark Recognition

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 Optical Mark Recognition

Optical Mark Recognition

  • OMR recognizes marks made by citizenry on a document or specially printed papers used in examinations, surveys, etc.
  • It's generally used where a large number of applicants apply and data has got to be processed immediately and with accuracy.
  • Data is read from the document with an OMR reader.
  • Data sheet is scanned through a scanner that shines a beam of light on the shape paper and detects the areas of limited light transmittance i.e.; marked areas as they reflect less light as compared to blank areas. It gives less than 1% error.

Use of OMR in "Multiple Choice Examinations"

  • OMR Sheet used in examinations (such as PMT, IIT-JEE, GATE etc.) Has the entire data of candidate including his name, Fathers name, Date of birth, Roll number etc. Alongside answers he has marked out of multiple choices.
  • To correct all the answers and to record the data of every candidate, the data sheet is scanned through an OMR scanner.
  • An OMR scanner recognizes the entire data and passes it to the computer for further processing.
  • During this way an entire data sheet is processed within some seconds as compared to processing it manually.


  • Examinations
  • Surveys
  • Evaluation and Feedback form
  • Election
  • Banking and Insurance applications
 Application of Omr

Application of Omr

Advantages of OMR

  • Earlier, special paper, special ink and special input reader were required for the OMR systems which restricted the questions to be asked. Now user can create their own forms and ask suitable questions. It takes but 5 milliseconds on the average check. User can use any sort of mark square, ellipses, and circle.


  • User can't collect large number of text because it complicates the data.
  • In large text data is missed.
  • Only multiple choice questions are preferable.

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