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ECCE Full Form - Early Childhood Care and Education

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 Early Childhood Care and Education

Early Childhood Care and Education

  • Early Childhood Care and Education aims to develop a child's emotional, social, and physical needs for a firm, wide-ranging foundation and attaining full potential for lifelong well-being.
  • ECCE is responsible for building capable future citizens. The time of remarkable brain development in children at its peak occurs from birth to eight years old as they're highly influenced by factors, environment, and other people surrounding them.

General Objectives of ECCE

  • Adaptation to their surroundings
  • Developing an enthusiasm for learning
  • Fostering social skills
  • Instilling team/sharing attitudes
  • Promotes a holistic development
  • Enhancing age-appropriate use of technology

Skills Required for ECCE

  • Children are very different from adults, especially in their sensitivity and grasping power. Teachers are required to possess a particular skill set to approach and develop a toddler which will enable them to motivate and work while finding success and joy every day .
  • Enthusiasm and love for children
  • Patience and humor
  • Creativity and adaptability
  • Respect of differences as each child is exclusive in their learning style and personality

Age Bar and Eligibility

  • In India, early childhood education encompasses an ecce diploma course open for everyone. Anyone above the age of 18 is eligible to pursue the ECCE course. The need to enroll within the course may be a 10+2 level qualification.
  • Marks of admission vary from institution to institution. Most institutes conduct entrance exams plus interviews.
  • The course helps in developing skills knowledge, attitude necessary to figure with young children and enables them to manage and organize childcare centers like preschool, nursery school, kindergarten, and daycare centers. The duration of this diploma course is for a year.

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