MTS Full Form | Full Form of MTS

MTS Full Form - Microsoft Transaction Server

 Microsoft Transaction Server

Microsoft Transaction Server

  • Microsoft Transaction Server is that the software that was designed to supply services to component object model (COM).
  • MTS is that the first major software that implements the aspect-oriented programming.
  • The main services provided by MTS are instance management, transaction management and role based security.
 Microsoft Transaction Server Process

Microsoft Transaction Server Process

MTS Full Form - Mobile Telephone Service

 Mobile Telephone Services

Mobile Telephone Services

  • Mobile telephone service works as a radio system which links to the general public switched telephone network (PSTN).
  • It had been like the land dial telephone service. It was operator assisted on both the edges.
  • To attach a call from the land line to the receiver, call will first attend the mobile operator, who would divert the decision to the receiver.
  • Similarly, to form an outbound call, mobile operator will first dial the number then call are going to be placed.

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MTS Full Form - Multichannel Television Sound

 Multi Channel Telephone Sound

Multi Channel Telephone Sound

  • Multichannel Television Sound was created by BTSC (Broadcast Television Systems Committee). It's a format for normal television broadcast which allows two channels sound to be encoded into TV programming.
  • There's a further third channel called Sap (Separate Audio Program) utilized in an alternate way.

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