NSUI Full Form | Full Form of NSUI

NSUI Full Form - National Students Union of India

  • NSUI stands for National Students Union of India. It's the student wing of Indian National Congress party.
  • It aims to mould future leaders for the country and to organize and encourage the students towards realization of the objectives of the Indian National Congress.
 National Students' Union of India

National Students' Union of India


  • Its mission is to empower students to make responsible citizens and leaders based on the democracy, secularism, liberty, quality and equality.

Core Values

  • Secularism
  • Democracy
  • Inclusive Development
  • Social Justice
  • Nationalism


  • It has a four-level structure. At the bottom level, the members are organized through educational institutions in which they're studying.
  • The office bearers at the district and state level are elected by the body (office bearers at the school level).
  • The secret- ballot elections are conducted to make committees at the college, District and State levels.
  • The national office bearers are elected from a pool of elected office bearers.
  • The National Executive Committee of NSUI comprises NOBs and State Presidents. It's the chief administrative unit of the organization.
  • The administrative structure of the NSUI at the National level includes
    • National Office bearers
    • Central Election Authority (CEA)
    • Social Media Team
 Administrative Structure

Administrative Structure

Code of Conduct

  • The office bearers and members must follow all rules, guidelines and processes of the organization.
  • The members will not use their organizational position, influence and membership for private or financial gains.
  • The members will refrain from anti-party activities and can always work to take care of the integrity of the organization.
  • The office bearers and members won't form or accompany the other student organization.
  • The members will refrain from violence, indecent behavior and use of foul language.
  • The members won't discriminate anyone on the idea of caste, language, religion, gender etc.
  • The members won't involve in any criminal, anti-social, anti-national activity.
  • The members won't favor any social evil like dowry, female feticide, and child marriage.

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