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SDK Full Form - Software Development Kit

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 Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit

  • Full Form of SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It’s a set of software development tools, which may be used to create and develop applications for a particular device or operating system.
  • We will say that it's a software development package that permits a programmer to develop applications for a particular platform.
  • SDKs are specific to a hardware platform and operating systems combination. For example, the Windows 7 SDK, the Mac OS X SDK, and the iPhone SDK.
  • An SDK typically comprises one or more application programming interfaces ( APIs ), sample code, documentation, etc. It generally contains an integrated development environment (IDE), which acts as the central programming interface.
  • The IDE is also given a programming window for writing ASCII text file, a debugger for fixing program errors, and a visual editor to make and edit the program's graphical user interface ( GUI ).
  • IDE also has a compiler, which is used to develop applications from source code files.
  • Thus, it helps create applications by providing compiler, debugger, and a software framework.
  • Furthermore, all mobile applications use SDKs and APIs to improve standardizations and add new features.

Benefits of using an SDK

  • It provides a group of tools that permits developers to make a singular interface for the end-users of an app.
  • The developers aren't required to perform basic tasks associated with standard app features, like data storage, location, user authorization, geofencing, and more.
  • It provides developers with robust functionalities like code reuse, error handling, and consistent performance.
  • It ensures that the API provided is implemented correctly.
  • It also allows easier upgrade paths and the ability to handle deprecations for specific lower-level APIs.

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