RHD Full Form | Full Form of RHD

RHD Full Form - Rheumatic Heart Disease

 Rheumatic heart disease

Rheumatic heart disease

  • RHD stands for Rheumatic Heart Disease. It's a complication of rheumatic fever which affects the heart valves.
  • It can damage the heart valves and result in heart failure and death if left untreated. Rheumatic fever is a disease that happens during strep throat or a sore throat.
  • It affects the connective tissue of the body, particularly within the heart, brain, joints and skin.
  • It always occurs in children of 5-15 years of age, rarely occurs before 3 years and after 30 years of age.


  • RHD arises due to strep throat which may be a throat infection caused by A streptococcus bacteria.
  • In this infection, our body produces antibodies to fight against the bacteria. These antibodies react with heart valves and cause inflammation of the heart valves that result in RHD.
  • The antibodies also affect various other body tissues like brain, joints and skin and produce associated symptoms.

Common Symptoms

 Common Symptoms

Common Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Chest pain
  • Tiredness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Breathlessness on exertion or during sleep
  • Swollen feet
  • The treatment of the RHD depends on various factors such as:
    • The extent of the problem
    • Age, overall health and medical history of the patient
    • Tolerance for specific medications, procedures or therapies

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