VIRUS Full Form in Computer | Full Form of VIRUS in Computer

VIRUS Full Form - Vital Information Resources Under Seize

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 Vital Information Resources Under Seize

Vital Information Resources Under Seize

  • A computer virus is the computer program or a piece of code that's loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and run against your consent.
  • Virus contains a property to duplicate itself and spread itself from one computer to different computer.
  • It can affect the data files, boot sector of hard drive and etc. when its replication succeeds. The affected area is said to infect.
  • Viruses are human made programs generally write by the access private information, corrupt data, to display political and humorous messages on the user's screen.
  • They insert themselves into host programs and spread on the execution of infected programs.
  • Computer viruses cause damage of billions of dollars’ worth each year. The majority of viruses target systems running Microsoft window.
  • To counter with viruses, programmers created anti-virus programs.

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Harmful Effects of Computer Viruses

  • Can corrupt your system file and slow down your computing system.
  • Can make some programs corrupt or faulty.
  • Can damage computer's boot sector.
  • Can steal your computer's information and send it to different person.
  • Can delete your complete hard drive.
  • Can display irrelevant and annoying messages on your display screen.
  • Can change the power rating of your computer which may reason for blast.

Types of Computer Viruses

  • This is a listing of common types of computer viruses.
    • Boot sector viruses
    • Program viruses
    • Multipartite viruses
    • Stealth viruses
    • Macro viruses
    • Polymorphic viruses
    • Active X viruses
    • Browser hijacker
    • Resident viruses
    • File infector viruses
 Types Virus

Types of Virus

  • List of malwares which are generally categorized as computer viruses:
    • Computer Worms
    • Trojan horse
    • Spam virus
    • Spyware
    • Zombies

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