DOTS Full Form | Full Form of DOTS

DOTS Full Form - Directly Observed Therapy, Short Course

 Directly Observed Therapy, Short Course

Directly Observed Therapy, Short Course

  • The full form of DOTS is that the Directly Observed Therapy, Short-Course. It's also called TB - DOTS.
  • It refers to a technique aimed at curing and reducing the danger of TB (tuberculosis) cases.
  • During this technique, a healthcare practitioner or another suitable representative provides the recommended TB medications to tuberculosis patients and ensures that the patient takes every dose.
  • If the patient left alone, then they'll fail to require any of the doses which will end in the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Main actions of dots

  • Supplying the drug prescribed within the dots.
  • Checking for medication-related side effects.
  • To ensure that the patient swallows the drug.
  • Detailing the visit.
  • Answering TB & dots relevant queries.

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Significance of dots

  • Dots avoid the transition of TB to others.
  • Dots reduce the probability of a treatment error.
  • Dots allow patients to finish their treatment of tuberculosis as quickly and without interruption.
  • The probability of drug-resistance tuberculosis resulting from ineffective therapy is decreased.
  • Under dots, as reported, 85-90 percent of tuberculosis patients administered their medications properly, compared with 62 percent of TB patients who were on self-administered therapy.
  • We cannot be sure that the patient will take the drug as guided; individuals can fail or have difficulty appropriately taking pills. Through dots, this problem is overcome.

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