FOMO Full Form | What is the Full Form of FOMO

FOMO : Fear of Missing Out ( full form of fomo)

  • FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. ( full form of fomo )
  • It's a feeling of anxiety which results due to the possibility of missing out on something.
  • For eg, when someone feels that people have celebrated together, and he or she missed it, especially once you see things on social media.

  • FOMO is becoming increasingly common these days and may cause stress in your life.
  • It's generally intensified by social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

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It can apply to anything such as:

  • A movie and party on a Saturday night to a promotion at work that you simply expect
  • The feeling or perception that others live better lives, having more fun, than you.
  • The feeling that there could also be better things that you simply might be doing at this moment otherwise you are missing something important that others are experiencing immediately.
  • Although it's believed that FOMO has been around for hundreds of years based on evidence found in ancient texts, it's become more evident with the arrival of social media or due to the widespread adoption of the internet, social networks, and mobile devices.
  • Social media has intensified this sense in several ways, like it offers one a situation where one compares his or her simple life to the luxuries lifetime of others, so beware of FOMO don't let it continue or get you down!

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