NACO Full Form | Full Form of NACO

NACO Full Form - National Aids Control Organization

 National Aids Control Organization

National Aids Control Organization

  • NACO stands for National Aids Control Organization.
  • It's a Govt. Of India organization that's established with an aim to regulate the epidemic in India. It's under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • It also aims at improving access to the treatment for HIV+ people and to protect and promote their human rights.
  • It envisions an India where every HIV+ person has access to quality care and treatment with dignity
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  • Since its inception, it's continuously working to make awareness about HIV/AIDS and provide accurate information about AIDS in order that myths and misconceptions might be cleared.
  • It also provides practical skills regarding behavior changes to minimize the risk of HIV infection.
  • NACO builds close relationships with NGOs, women's self-help groups, and various positive people's networks and communities to make sure people living HIV can have access to quality health services.
  • It also Educates and motivates men and women for a responsible sexual behavior and use of condoms and other contraceptives.
  • Thus, we will say that it spreads awareness about AIDS, motivates and empowers people with knowledge to enable them to protect themselves from the HIV.

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