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HR Full Form - Human Resources

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 Human Resources

Human Resources

  • HR stands for Human Resources. It's a term used to specify the individuals who make up the work force of an organization, i.e. each employee of a company may be a resource for the company.
  • The manager who is responsible for recruiting the candidates, handling management tasks and provide direction to the newly recruited employees in a structured manner, is named HR Manager.
  • The Human Resource Management (HRM) is that the most important department in any company. It considers every employee of the corporate as its asset.
  • A company is more likely to achieve success if its employees are honest and determined for the work.
  • Employees are the assets of the corporate that has got to be hired, satisfied and retained.

Functions of HR

  • Talent management
  • Training and development
  • Performance appraisal for the employees
  • Employee welfare, rewards and incentives
  • Maintain employee relations
  • To hire staff for the organization
  • To motivate the employees
  • Administration and record keeping
  • Counseling and grievance handling

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