RAM Full Form in Computer | Full Form of RAM in Computer

RAM Full Form - Random Access Memory

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 Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory

  • RAM is volatile memory means data in RAM are lost when computer is turned off.
  • It's the main memory of a computer or mobile phones. You'll change or erase your data in RAM.
  • Data or applications currently being used on a device are stored in RAM from the hard drives because data from the RAM are loaded much faster than the hard drives.
  • Your computer speed will increase with the increase in the capacity of your RAM.
  • It is called 'Random Access' because data are often read and write randomly from any single byte.

Types of RAM

Generally RAM are often divided into two broad categories:

 Random Access Memory- Types

Random Access Memory- Types

  • SRAM :
    • Static RAM is much faster and costlier than DRAM. It often functions as cache memory. Information in SRAM is volatile. It stores a bit of data using six transistor memory cell.
  • DRAM :
    • Dynamic RAM is slower than SRAM. It stores a bit of data using a transistor and capacitor pair. Because it is a smaller amount expensive, most computers use DRAM. It's also a volatile memory.

Features of RAM

  • It is a storage type device, works as main memory.
  • It determines the pc speed.
  • It is much smaller than hard disk, both physically also as capacity wise.

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