SDM Full Form | Full Form of SDM

SDM Full Form - Sub Divisional Magistrate

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 Sub Divisional Magistrate

Sub Divisional Magistrate

  • Full Form of SDM stands for Sub Divisional Magistrate. A district is split into subdivisions.
  • Each subdivision is headed by an SDM who enjoys the powers of an Executive Magistrate and Collector.
  • He performs various magisterial tasks under Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and several other minor acts.
  • An SDM will be a junior member of the Indian Administrative Service or a senior member of the State Civil Services with relevant experience in subordinate positions.
  • He has direct control over Tahsildars of his subdivision and serves as a channel of correspondence between the District Officer of the District and Tahsildars of his subdivision.

Some of the final responsibilities of an SDM are

  • Revenue function
  • Election work
  • Registration of vehicles
  • Registration of marriage
  • Issue and renewal of driving licenses
  • Issue and renewal of arm licenses
  • Issue of certificates like SC/ST, OBC and Domicile

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