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PCO Full Form - Public Call Office

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 Public Call Office

Public Call Office

  • PCO stands for Public Call Office.
  • It's mentioned an area within the public area which provides a telephone facility.
  • It had been very required and efficient medium for affordable communication before the telecom revolution.
  • Now a day, everybody have a telephone, even a sensible phone also, but it was not common sometimes ago. At that point, PCO provides a reasonable communication platform at places where it's needed.


  • It provides a platform to speak together with your relatives who are out of station/ abroad.
  • Easy, Convenient and Cheaper.
  • Maintain Privacy of Users (They have special cabins for calling).
  • In India, there are tons of PCO booths providing a facility to form a call by inserting one rupee coin.
  • BSNL is one of the most important service providers of PCO. But now, a lot of personal telecom companies like Reliance , Tata, Idea , Vodafone , Airtel also are entering during this field.

Application of PCO

 Application of Pco

Application of Pco

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What happens if women have PCO ?

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  • Often, in women in their 20s and 30s, it's identified.
  • For PCO diagnosis, a pelvic examination, an ultrasound, and a few blood tests might be used.
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    • Surgery
    • Treatments for hair removal
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