SCERT Full Form | Full Form of SCERT

SCERT Full Form - State Council of Educational Research and Training

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 State Council of Educational Research and Training

State Council of Educational Research and Training

  • State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) is an autonomous body of the government concerned with the academic aspects of faculty education including formulation of curriculum, preparation of textbooks, teachers’ handbooks and teacher training.
  • It advises the government on policy matters concerning school education.

Functions of SCERT

  • The State Council of Educational Research and Training discharges the following functions:
    • To arrange and implement the special educational projects sponsored by UNICEF , NCERT and other agencies for qualitative improvement of school education and teacher educators.
    • To prescribed curricula and textbooks for the varsity and teacher training institutions.
    • To supply instructional materials for the use of teacher- educators.
    • To rearrange in-service training for different categories of teachers, inspecting officers and teacher-educators and coordinate the work of other agencies operating at the state level.
    • To arrange programmes including Correspondence-cum- Contact Courses for professional development of teachers, teacher-educators and inspecting officers.
    • To supervise the working of the Teacher-Training Colleges, Secondary Training Schools and Elementary Training Schools.
    • To provide extension to Teacher-Training Institutions within the least levels in the state.
    • To conduct studies and investigations on the various problems of education.
    • To evaluate the adult and non-formal education programmes entrusted by the government.
    • To conduct the general public examinations specially at terminal stages just like the end of class III and class V etc. with a view to selecting candidates for scholarships through such examinations.
    • The State Council of Educational Research and Training features a Programme Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of the Education Minister. There also are Special Advisory Committees for programmes like Population Education, Educational Technology and Non-formal Education.

Departments of SCERT

  • Department of Pre-School and education.
  • Department of Non-formal Education.
  • Department of Curriculum Research and Special Curriculum Renewal Projects.
  • Department of Science and arithmetic Education.
  • Department of Population Education.
  • Department of Teacher and In-service Education.

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