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HD Full Form - High Definition

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 High Definition

High Definition

  • HD Stands for High Definition . HD is fundamentally the standard of picture you'll notice on digital devices of the photographs and videos.
  • The electronic devices screen i.e. TV, mobile, laptop, etc. must exhibit different videos and graphics but also the standard of those documents is contingent upon the resolution.
  • HD image or video describes some image or video system of higher resolution compared to SD (Standard-Definition) video, and lots of commonly entail screen resolutions of 1920×1080 pixels (1080i/1080p) or 1280×720 pixels (720p).
  • HDTV (High Definition Television) may be a television screen technology that gives a considerably higher resolution compared thereto of an SD (Standard Definition) television.
  • Although there's absolutely no standardized definition or significance for HD, but normally any video picture with over 576 vertical lines in Europe and 480 vertical scanning lines in North America is understood as HD (High-Definition).
  • 480 scan lines are considered minimal although nearly all systems or technology significantly exceed that.
  • In certain contexts, the pictures of ordinary resolution recorded at speeds faster than 50 frames / second in Europe and 60 fps in North America with a high-speed camera is deemed high-definition.
  • Some TV shows which are taken on the high-definition video seem as if they have been taken within the film, a technique called filmmaking.

Full form of HD : let's see the Example of TVs

  • High Definition TVs provide you with a way clearer and sharper picture than Standard Definition versions, as results of their higher fundamental resolution of 1,280 x 720.
  • Some cheaper HD Ready TVs have a bigger display resolution of 1,024 x 768, but the display also can be a rather different contour (or 'aspect ratio').
  • These versions aren't fully compatible with Blu-ray disks and are inclined to get on the side.
  • To see HD content, you would like an HD TV. Not every show displays in HD, which suggests you are going to wish to select out an HD program or station to look at it in high definition.
  • Other resources of HD content comprise Blu-ray disks and HD video streaming from internet. You’re getting to require a Full HD TV should you would really like to require full advantage of Free view HD, Blu-ray alongside other HD content.

HD Ready

  • All these TVs have a resolution that's a minimum of 720 pixels high -- slightly over twice the resolution of ordinary Definition.
  • Virtually every electronic TV now receives an HD Ready logo, so it could receive HD broadcasts.


  • 4K TV, or UHD because it is usually known, is that the most recent and most high-tech supplying for TV resolution and movie quality.
  • The image is currently 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which can be over eight thousand pixels in total, providing four times the depth of an HD TV.
  • Picture quality is extremely sharp, with an excellent deal of depth and detail.

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