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IC Full Form - Integrated Circuit

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 Integrated Circuit

Integrated Circuit

  • IC stands for Integrated Circuit.It's a small device made from semiconductor material. It contains various microscopic elements like transistors, diodes, capacitors and resistors.
  • All these elements are interconnected and fabricated as one unit on a thin sheet of semiconductor material, particularly silicon.
  • ICs are used in a spread of devices like microprocessors, audio equipment, television equipment, mobiles, television sets and automobiles.
  • It's also called as chip or microchip.It had been primarily built with an objective of placing as many transistors as possible on a semiconductor chip.
  • The first IC or microchip was developed by Jack Kilby in 1958.


 Integrated Circuit

Integrated Circuit-Classification

  • ICs have undergone several generations of developments.
  • These subsequent developments made them contain more transistors and other electronic components and accordingly they will be classified as;
    • Small Scale Integration (SSI) : One to hundred transistors per chip or IC.
    • Medium Scale Integration (MSI) : IC with Hundreds to thousands of transistors.
    • Large Scale Integration (LSI) : IC with thousands to several hundred thousand transistors.
    • Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) : Hundred thousand to at least one million transistors per chip or IC.
    • Ultra-Large Scale Integration (ULSI) : IC with millions or billions transistors per chip. E.g. computer processor.
  • An IC also can be classified as; Analogue IC, Digital IC or a mixture of both.

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